Give a book

NYT: No, You’re Getting a Book

I like books. No, that’s not accurate. I love them, articles, novels, bios, how-tos, fashion, anything. Its a way to see the world from the perspective of a person who was brought up in a different fashion than I. I like this article and I should know my friends and loved ones well enough to know which physical, paper/hardback books to give them.

Are you planning to give any books? What was the best book you’ve received?


4 thoughts on “Give a book

  1. Ha! Seriously. Books are the only present that I know how to give, and ultimately the only present that I care to receive. I don’t have a favorite, they are each unique to as season in my life. Do you have a favorite?

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your answer about books being unique to the season in your life. I really like how you described it that way. I’ve enjoyed reading political philosophy a lot, but all of a sudden I have decided to focus more on self-improvement i.e., my actions towards others, towards myself, how I can better myself and reflection.

    Right now, I’m also reading “The Art of Loving” – Erich Fromm. It discusses the theory of love and different types of love. I like it so far.

    I’m a book junkie I guess, you learn something from every read ๐Ÿ™‚

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