I saw this on a post, and I thought, this is significantly true. Often, one is very vocal of the change they want to make, or the differences they hope to see. Yet, the issue that lies is this, What has been done to accomplish that goal?

I will use myself as an example. I have been guilty of wanting change, but that would be as far as I went. Then I sat down one day and began thinking, Do I really expect luck to come knocking on my door and presenting me with the opportunity of a lifetime? No way! I began associating myself with people and subjects that were of interest to me. Political Theory? Let’s take that class. Tech and Business? Great, let me become a part of that Student Organization Board on Campus.

Slowly, and often without even knowing it, I began to create a path and opportunities began opening up. My thoughts quickly evolved from being “thoughts” to becoming “goals”. Goals that I was able to accomplish, and sometimes, even goals I didn’t know were there.

I like staying at home for a bit, just as much as the next person. Great ideas and inspiration have come to mind when I am alone and doing anything, watching television, browsing through a bookstore or trying a new coffee shop–wait, I just thought of another point. Explore! I cannot stress how much I enjoy this. Exploring is my guilty pleasure.If it hasn’t been done, I want to do it. If its a city I never thought I’d visit, its even a bigger excuse to visit. About two years ago, I visited Mexico and headed to my mothers hometown. I had a great time, explored a bit, and came back home to the States. July 2011 rolled around and boy was I ready! I walked for miles in cities I never knew existed. So explore, even if its your own neighborhood. You would be surprised that there hidden gems still exist, and we miss them most of the time because we are always driving, or texting, or calling. Take a step back and try something new. I have yet to regret the spontaneous travel I have done, and if somebody needs an excuse, I can always use the good ol’ “I was young 🙂

During my visit to San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico


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