I been gone for far too long. School, work, and my new internship has definitely kept my busy (in a good way!) Quick update is I will be doing an online book club on the book, “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. If you are interested in joining, please visit 

Also, Interning is great. With budget cuts happening (I’m in California), it is increasingly competitive out there. Landing a job is hard, and a great way to gain experience before graduating is through internships and/or volunteer work. 

Join a club, start a club, attend events, meet some people. The people you are in school with right now will be a part of your network once you graduate. Give time to those relationships. Never Eat Alone is a great book to read on how to network and keep up relationships. 

On the hunt for an internship?

You can check your campus website for companies and employers seeking to hire interns for the summer. Or, try visiting 

Have you interned? What value did it provide for you? How crucial would you say internships are for current college students?


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