Exactly Who Am I?

Recently, a close friend of mine posted an interesting question on her Facebook status; “Where does your last name come from? What do you know about your ancestors?”

I know very little of this, my father is Vietnamese (born & raised in Vietnam), but my last name is Chinese due to my grandfather. My mother is Mexican (also born & raised in Mexico), but I don’t know much of her last name. And so begins another project on my “list” – Who Am I really? How deep are my roots in Vietnam? China? Mexico? Am I linked to someone famous? I want to know who is responsible for the drive and motivation I see in all my siblings and my parents. I love talking to both my parents of their childhoods, but I feel it’s now time to dig a little deeper.

Has anyone else done this? Any recommendations on how to begin a challenging search? Please share your suggestions! Looking forward to this interesting new project.

Update: So after writing this, I did some investigation (and by investigation I mean I picked up the phone and called my dad). I asked him how we could trace our family tree and he said we could only go as far as his grandmother’s generation. The reason is, Asia (or VietNam) doesn’t have much records or documentation. The U.S. has a large number of records, but being a first generation child, I’d have to search in my parents country of origin. Unfortunately, the only interesting thing I found out was my grandpa can speak Chinese. Also, my grandpa is half Chinese, (so I guess that make’s me part Chinese too?). Anyhow, didn’t find much and I won’t get too far in finding out ‘Who I Am’…but I’ll keep trying. Thank you, friend, for inspiring me to keep asking. I’ve always been interested in this, but you reminded me. 🙂


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