Giving back?

I’m sure we have all benefited from the generosity of others. Their time or their financial support is likely to have positively changed our lives, directly or indirectly. Take me as an example. I come from a family of five from the lower-middle class of California. I’ve had to work hard in school and now find myself as a student at a California State University. Thinking back, it would not have been as easy, or made possible, without the guidance, support, and financial assistance of everyone from my parents, to teachers, to the taxpayers of California.

It’s summer and now I think, I’ve not yet graduated, but what can I do now? In a state facing severe budget cuts, now is when volunteering matters the most. Programs are receiving less funding, and State Aid is continuously being cut from the K-12 to University Level. I have a few extra hours free over the summer than I would during the semester, so I’ve decided to see how I can help.
Can I make my own projects to contribute? How about reading with a toddler or teen at the library? We all need (or have needed) from the generosity of others. Children, immigrants, adults, ESL learners, the elderly…so, if possible, I encourage all to do their part. Even if it’s once a week! There are even programs where you can volunteer once a month!

I’ve been checking out for programs I might be useful in. After all, it doesn’t help anyone to be selfish, so let’s spread the love and share some time. It really can make a difference.

Has anyone else volunteered? What have you done? How have you benefited from another person volunteering their time?


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