Gone for too long…where have I been?

Going to try to make this as short, sweet, and concise as possible! It’s almost March, the 3rd month of the year. …

January 2013 

I was actually really busy working and taking a winter session class. I worked a lot, and hence, I went MIA while taking what is normally a semester long course, packed into 15 days! Class was 5 times a week, three hours a day, with an exam almost every other day.

but then…

I escaped! On the last day of class (there was no class meeting, just an online final) — I borded a flight to Mexico. I had an amazing few days there, and a less than a few days upon return, Spring 2013 semester began.

February 2013 

Internship, work, work, class, volunteering,  family, boyfriend — my days are packed. But I have to admit, things have finally begun to look up. Last year was a difficult year for me, but I feel like this year is my year to hit the ground running. All the knowledge, experience, and goals have finally crossed the paths to combine into an adventurous staircase to success.

So that quote I’m sure you’ve all read, “Laugh at the problems” or something like along those lines…is true. Things have been uncertain, things have been dark, things have been crazy, there were also great memories along those days.






Enjoy the ride, sure, but also remember that what you do (or don’t do) will dictate how high and how low the ride gets. I prefer to prepare for the “small dips” and “tall highs” because there is no such things as “no lows”



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