Unwanted Attention — I can’t be the only one…

An odd thing happened to me a few months ago when I was approached at a Conference in SF by a gentleman. I expected he’d help me break into his Company, but I immediately realized his intentions were others…I cut all contact and never heard of him again…until I saw he looked me up on LinkedIn (thank goodness I have it set to private). But what is this all about?


IS it that hard to be taken seriously? Or is it not me at all — but rather these certain individuals?

I do dress conservatively, I do keep hair out of my eyes with minimal makeup, I don’t know where or what provokes this unwanted attention. I’m in pursuit of advice, other stories, books–anything! As I hope to climb the ladder into new jobs and positions, I fear this is something I can never leave behind.

Any input, reactions, comments is appreciate my workplace ladies! (and men!)


2 thoughts on “Unwanted Attention — I can’t be the only one…

  1. Used to happen to me in my 20s but that was a male-dominated industry in the 90s. I also got used to hearing my ideas come out of a man’s mouth 2 minutes after I said them. When I said them, ignored. When he said them, “amazing.” Have you ever read Talking from 9 to 5? Old book but still applies–while it won’t stop all the attention, your presentation will usually make them think twice before they give it.

  2. I haven’t read it, but i will pick it up! I have had my ideas repeated through a Male’s mouth, but the comments are what bother me the most. It’s almost like, how does one keep their femininity with professionalism, without being treated or receiving unwanted attention?

    These are new waters I’m treading on…

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