Good ol’ personal interaction

So, like 99% of my posts, I am writing this spontaneously. A thought just comes up to mind for my blog and I write it here.

Today at my company, one of our co-workers is heading back home. He has worked with us for the span of a few months and in that time we have all worked well as a team and learned and benefited from each other tremendously. I work on a team where we enjoy each others company and try to have fun with random happy hours or bubble tea runs. So I’m here to emphasize the importance (and awesomeness of relationships!)

10yearsagoHere’s the thing though, we like to do this in person. You know, actually create bonds how it was done pre-high tech era. It seems like these things have been forgotten. The phone calling, the talking in person, the communicating without a screen in front of your face. This seems old-fashioned almost. How many times have you called someone and there is no answer, yet they immediately text you back, “what’s up?” and no, it’s not because they are always in a meeting. Most people now prefer text messages and emails over real in-person meetings and phone calls.

For the sake of length, I guess I’m here to remind you to continue to cultivate real relationships. The meaningful, time-investing, honest relationships. For one, they make you and the other person feel great, they remind you who really is there for you and not your title or “where you worked before”….it’s important to have friends, mentors, people who really care about you in your life. Recognize those people and don’t push them off to the side because you’re “too busy”. The moment things come down to the wire these are the people who will be standing there with you. Think of them as your little army. Treat them well not through obligation but through love and appreciation.

Happy Friday!



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