My response to: “Career Curveballs : When Brains Only Get You So Far”

This article may be controversial to some of you, especially depending on your work field. I work in a field which I consider to have more of a laid back work attire. I see a number of those in the field freely and comfortably wear sandals to work! This is awesome. Everyone feels free to express themselves to a certain extent (without overdoing it) — I personally think this is awesome.

imagesIn reading this article, the author cites how in her personal experience, she basically did not get the job she thought she’d get as a result of her dress code. This may or may not have been the case. It is important to establish and nourish relationships with people across multiple fields and disciplines. Also, “be seen” and by that I do not mean wear the brightest neon colored dress you have, I mean be visible. Attend networking events, happy hours with the team, weekend picnics, anything that you are not required to do. These are almost always the time the relationships you had previously created will now be nourished and allows for people to see the “people” side of you, a side of the “real” you.

So, with that, a general rule of thumb for clothing would be to keep it generally, clean. Wash your hair, comb it, style it how you please but it should look like you put some effort in it and have clean clothes and clothes you can feel comfortable in. Some companies may demand more, i.e., heels lower than 1/2 inch etc., but again depending on your field one dress code does not fit ALL! Focus more on your relationships…it will go far….today….tomorrow….1 year from now!


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