Back-To-School…But I Already Graduated…

I love when the Universe speaks to me. Just today, I was reminiscing on how this time last year, I was preparing for my last semester of College. I worked 6 years toward my degree. Ok, let me clarify, I studied Political Science for 2 years before deciding Business was the degree I wanted. More on that in another post.

front2I came across an article on Mashable titled, “5 back-to-school traditions to adopt in the working world” (Article here: I recommend you read it, especially if you may have lost sight of back-to-school traditions. I’d like to add more to this list that I personally miss and should always continue to incorporate. I’ll make a list.

  1. Reading
    If you’ve followed me for sometime, you can conclude I love to read. I still read but now I read books I pick for myself. In college, I read books my professors had me read in their classes and these have been some of the most difficult (and life-changing) books I’ve ever read. No joke. Make it a goal to read something outside of your comfort. Why? Because just as different experiences make you a better citizen of the world, so does reading. Open your mind to a different genre, preferably a book that someone you know has read. Something you wouldn’t have picked up yourself but comes recommended from a friend or co-worker is ideal.
  2. Volunteering
    One of the things I miss most from College is holding different leadership positions. I enjoy working for nothing but the experience with the hope of leaving a positive impact on a life. I did this in College to hope to inspire my peers, and I try to continue this practice in my professional career. The year isn’t over yet, but I’ve already help host a company tour for low-income Latino students. I felt like my heart was on fire. I’ve decided to continue with this practice. If you don’t have that, “heart on fire” feeling, try out to search for local volunteer opportunities you might be interested in. Go find that feeling!
  3. Note taking
    This can be hypocritical as I’m writing this in Silicon Valley, land of all things tech. But have you noticed writing things out on paper by hand makes for better memorizing? Again, I will use a personal example. I’m currently on 3 projects at my work which is a lot so I brought out old college habits. Organization via paper and pen. I opened up a Manila folder for all 3 projects and write out my tasks, updates, and questions on these papers. After having gone through the Evernote route for a while, I decided this is something that doesn’t need upgrading. My notes are more organized. It’s easier for me to backtrack and I can annotate when I’m in meetings. I find that pretty hard to do with Evernote. Try it out, especially if it has been something that has helped you in College.