#LikeAGirl is a campaign launched by Always in 2014 but it is ever so relevant to this day.  This was over a year ago and I thought about it again when signing up for a half marathon. When registering, I was able to personalize my bib and at the moment, I couldn’t think of anything but as soon as I hit, “Submit” it dawned on me, I should have put, Run like a girl.

So it brings me back to this #LikeAGirl from Always. Our society has always made the phrase, “like a girl” a negative thing to tell a person of both genders. Males would feel feminine being told they, “throw like a girl” and females would feel inferior if they were told they, “throw like a girl” but gosh, how else would we throw?
Since when did being a girl become such a terrible thing? I invite you all to use this phrase in a positive light. What was once a negative phase can become a positive one if we, as a society, decide we want it that way.

If you’re not a girl, that’s great! You can equally participate in making this phrase something positive and girls and women, doing something like a girl is stellar. In fact, most Fortune 500 companies need a females on board Directors! There are studies on the results of having women on boards. You know what the results sum out to be? A report found on Catalyst says: “Companies With More Women Board Directors Experience Higher Financial Performance, According to Latest Catalyst Bottom Line Report”

Wow, must be pretty awesome to think #LikeAGirl

Check out the #LikeAGirl video here: https://youtu.be/XjJQBjWYDTs
Check out the article referenced above: http://www.catalyst.org/media/companies-more-women-board-directors-experience-higher-financial-performance-according-latest


Newest read on women & career

Hi All,This has been a very long break from you. Much longer than I ever could have imagined. But, I’m back and with a newly recommended read. I’m the type to read at least half way before knowing whether I’d recommend the book (or not). Here’s my newest one.

“Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for WOMEN IN CHARGE” by Becky Blalock
ISBN: 978-1-118-56264-2

Let me begin with one simple fact, I much prefer this book over “Lean In”. It offers real practical advice that can be applied to either gender and also a goal at the end of each chapter and (as always–personally handpicked!)

“As your career progresses, you can’t rest on your accomplishments. You have to constantly asses what’s needed to do the job and to what degree you’re satisfying those requirements.” (29)

“Build a great personal brand, and success will follow. Simply put, your personal brand is the way you present yourself…People make assumptions about you and even decide whether to do business with you before ever meeting you, on the basis of your personal brand.” (43)

“Initiative is action. Don’t sit and wait for someone to tell you what needs to be done to overdeliver in your position.” (48)

“There are three pillars to underlying confidence: attitude, knowledge, and experience.” (75)

Blalock has plenty more on her website: http://www.beckyblalock.com/#!quotes–inspiration/c14iz but above are some of my favorites. I have tons more but shared what I thought would encourage you most to pick up this read.

This book has enabled me to think of myself and my career growth strategy through the inspiring words Blalock chooses, through the exercises at the end of each chapter, and by the real insight from women in leadership positions. Regardless of where you are in your career, I’d encourage this read. I’m very early in mine but am placing this gem up in my top 10 books.

Have you read this book or are planning on reading it? Do you search for career and growth books? Let me know in the comments 🙂