#LikeAGirl is a campaign launched by Always in 2014 but it is ever so relevant to this day.¬†¬†This was over a year ago and I thought about it again when signing up for a half marathon. When registering, I was able to personalize my bib and at the moment, I couldn’t think of anything but as soon as I hit, “Submit” it dawned on me, I should have put, Run like a girl.

So it brings me back to this #LikeAGirl from Always. Our society has always made the phrase, “like a girl” a negative thing to tell a person of both genders. Males would feel feminine being told they, “throw like a girl” and females would feel inferior if they were told they, “throw like a girl” but gosh, how else would we throw?
Since when did being a girl become such a terrible thing? I invite you all to use this phrase in a positive light. What was once a negative phase can become a positive one if we, as a society, decide we want it that way.

If you’re not a girl, that’s great! You can equally participate in making this phrase something positive and girls and women, doing something like a girl is stellar. In fact, most Fortune 500 companies need a females on board Directors! There are studies on the results of having women on boards. You know what the results sum out to be? A report found on Catalyst says: “Companies With More Women Board Directors Experience Higher Financial Performance, According to Latest Catalyst Bottom Line Report”

Wow, must be pretty awesome to think #LikeAGirl

Check out the #LikeAGirl video here: https://youtu.be/XjJQBjWYDTs
Check out the article referenced above: http://www.catalyst.org/media/companies-more-women-board-directors-experience-higher-financial-performance-according-latest