Managing A Team & Parenting

Ok, I know this is a crazy combination, but hear me out.

We’ve all read countless articles about parenting and how to get through to your child. Some of the advice spurs from learning to communicate on their own level or terms which has led to the sudden increase in parents learning how to text or getting on social media.

I’m taking a quick break from work to write about this because it just dawned on me. Managing a team has similarities to parenting. Take a step back and think about this. You have a team and they are all stellar (or perhaps you haven’t realized how stellar they are yet) but they all communicate differently and have different needs. One fit does not fit them all. A last minute 1:1 meeting might not work for some, but maybe a walking meeting does, or having an open door policy, or not turning them away when they finally decide to come to you.

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Have you noticed some of your team comes up to you much more often than the others? Yet, when the one who does not come up to you much finally does, you turn them away? It can be very difficult to be a manager and still accomplish all the tasks put on your plate. But, just as children come first, so does the team. A stellar, motivated, driven team can accomplish anything. While a team lacking attention, bonding, or 1:1s can, perhaps, meet the same goal, I’m doubtful they’d reach the same outcome or deadline as the former.

So, put down that firefighting hat and spend some time with your team — it will pay off! Nourish your team.