How do you…?

How do you stay motivated? What do you use to keep that fire going?

I suggest surrounding yourself with inspiring and motivated people. I particularly enjoy surrounding myself with those that share a passion for helping people. It’s a bit disappointing that those who were involved in the community with me in the past now find themselves too busy to jump back in.
Yet, you can’t really just solicit this passion in someone. You can’t just put up an ad, “WANTED: PASSIONATE PEOPLE WHO ENJOY GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY”…I mean it doesn’t work. You two (or three or four) still have to click. Is this person responsive? Will they go the extra mile? Pull their weight?

I struggle to find how do you stay involved like you once were without the same kick-ass group you once worked with in College?

I am currently on a journey to find this group and hope some of my “old” group quickly has time to join in me battling old problems that are important to us.